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Casual Ramblers – about us

Our transformation into casual ramblers was borne out of trying to get some exercise that wasn’t too rigorous following an operation and has led into a very enjoyable hobby. By walking after work or on Saturday mornings we have been able to really appreciate our local area and we’ve found things we never knew existed and never would have unless we had gone off-road and explored the fields, woods and footpaths.

We’re not your typical ramblers – we’re more likely to have an iPad than a map and compass (although the woolly hat remains constant). We wear fluorescent football socks and we’re kitted out from TK Maxx. We love to go out walking but we’re not too big on hills. We like to plan our walks so they might go past a pub. Or a tea room. Or a cake shop. Or all of the above.

Because of that, casualramblers is designed to bring you shorter, more achievable walks than the ones you’ll see on a lot of websites. Ones you can enjoy with friends and family or with your partner and that will take a couple of hours or less. As well as routes and maps, we’ll put reports on and photos of the walks we’ve done and maybe they’ll inspire you to get out and about too. Get some exercise! Clear out the cobwebs! You’re bound to have a lovely time and who knows… maybe in no time you’ll love a casual ramble as much as we do.

Happy casual rambling!




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  • Lynne Caulfield  says:

    Can I just ask if you know the Wykebeck Valley. It runs from Temple Newsam to Roundhay Park and takes in Woodland, Wildflower Meadows, Cycle paths. Red Kites fly over every day. I an in Facebook as ‘Friends of Killingbeck Fields’ Thanks. Great job.

  • helen  says:

    Hi, love the site. Are we supposed to have a log in because I cannot find any information on how to sign up? Thank you.

  • gail  says:

    Hi also would like to know more about group but can’t find any way to sign up

  • annie parker  says:

    please can you check details for hexthorpe walk when you click on it it comes upwith the hyde park walk

  • william  says:

    I cannot print the Grenoside walk. Is it me?

  • Pat Dawson  says:

    Thanks for a great website. We started walking last year for similar reasons to yourselves – and love the fact that, like us, you don’t do hills, do like teashops and pubs. And that you enjoy it!!

  • Fiona M  says:

    Great website, thanks!

  • Clairw  says:

    Hi I live in Halifax but have no car,I’m just reading your page in the courier,and would like go join your club.
    Would you please phone me on 01422750074 or 07470913528


    Claire Sullivan

  • johnclegg156  says:

    Hi Kim, I’d love to use one of the excellent photographs on your website and am wondering if that would be possible and who I would need permission from. It is the one of Digley Reservoir with the landrovers. Thanks, johnclegg156

  • John  says:

    A first look at website left me wondering “are these all chargeable-pamphlet walks to do on yr own and if so why are prices not shown at once?”. I guess now they are all clickable and free? Must go back. I was looking for sociable group walks

  • richanx  says:

    Thanks for the website, we love it.

  • Joe Roebuck  says:

    We haven’t really updated this for a while as we now have a 2yr old son and life is busy. A few responses to the comments above… First, everything on this site is free and will always be free with no adverts. Second, we are not really a club, we just like the name casual ramblers as it epitomises what we like to do! Third, massive thanks for the positive comment. We will probably look to add some more walks into the site soon as this website still gets quite a bit of traffic and people seem to be getting some good use from it. As we now have a 2yr old son we might even add a “casual pramblers” section which shows all the walks that are friendly for those people with prams but still want to get out there and enjoy a good walk!

  • maureen stephenson  says:

    I have not seen this befor I have no car can you tell me more

  • James  says:

    Hi How does one report errors/corrections with your route publications?

  • Naheed  says:

    Hello there isn’t any info on how to join and dates/times..do you have contact details?

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