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A silhouette of Monk Bretton Priory at Sunset

“The place to be for walks in Barnsley” … Barnsley is a busy market town which was mentioned in the Domesday Book (Berneslai) and takes its history very seriously. Historical landmarks for Barnsley Walks include Elsecar Heritage Centre, Monk Bretton Priory and Wentworth Castle. Now in the middle of a period of regeneration, Barnsley is a great place to visit and casual rambling opportunities are a-plenty. This is particularly true if you are somewhere near Silkstone, which appears to be the Barnsley walking capital! See below for the greatest assembly of Barnsley walking routes out there.


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Roche Abbey
“The place to be for walks in Rotherham”… There are loads of places to visit and things to see on a Rotherham walk…. This is a busy and sprawling borough with over 250,000 residents and something which surprises many people is the fact that over 70% of its 118 square-mile area is rural. The town is surrounded by beautiful countryside, ancient woodland and picturesque small towns and villages giving lots of opportunities to explore and enjoy a casual ramble...
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Sheffield Winter Gardens

“This is the place to be for walks in Sheffield” Portrayed in films like ‘This is England’ and ‘The Full Monty’ as an industrial, gritty place, Sheffield is known for being the Steel City. Perhaps less well known are the variety of parks and green spaces offering ample opportunity for walking. Sheffield is surrounded by lovely countryside, woods, rivers and canals and the city’s seven hills offer the chance of great views stretching for miles across the local area...

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South Yorkshire

Walks in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire is a Metropolitan County which includes the boroughs of Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham, and Sheffield which is the region’s only city. Despite its industrial and mining history, the county is surrounded by lovely countryside. The region includes the Peak District National Forest, the West Pennine Moors and borders on Sherwood Forest. The river Don runs through the county and there are various canals and reservoirs. This all leads to good opportunities for a casual rambles and walks in South Yorkshire!

Links to South Yorkshire Walks:

Walks in Barnsley

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Fun Walks


A fun walk is an excellent way to get out and about with your partner, friends or family to get some exercise and explore your local area. No specialist equipment or knowledge is required to become a casual rambler, just some sturdy boots, a woolly hat and the spirit of adventure!

This is the place where we will be adding links to a number of fun walks across your region, starting in South Yorkshire and expanding. This will be an ever growing, ongoing task and links will be checked regularly to make sure they still work. Click your region below to see what fun walks are available.

We are class...

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