Hambleton Walks


Hambleton is one of North Yorkshire’s local government districts. The main town is Northallerton, and the area also includes Thirsk, Bedale, Great Ayton, Stokesley and Easingwold. The area is named after the Hambleton Hills which are on the edge of the North York Moors. There are a number of lovely countryside walks as well as some excellent local walking groups which have created a number of easy access and health walks in Hambleton across the area’s towns and villages.

Country Walks

Bedale to Crakehall lollipop – A 4.2 mile walk setting out from Bedale Hall

Thornton le Moor Southern Millennium Walk – A 2.8 mile walk in the countryside, close to the renowned Shepherd’s Purse cheese makers

Thornton le Moor Northern Millennium Walk – A 3.6 mile loop, starting and finishing at the Black Swan Inn

Morton on Swale South – A pretty area which offers a route which is extendable between 2 and 4.5 miles

Low and High Kilburn – A 2 mile circular walk through country lanes and fields, through the villages of Low and High Kilburn (postcode YO61 4AH)

Kilburn to Scotch Corner and Oldstead – A 5 mile circular route which rewards a long steep climb with grand views and a visit to an eccentric chapel!

A Hambleton Ramble – A 5 mile walk round Thirsk including a 15th century church, a 200 year old mill and beautiful wild flowers

Brompton Circular – A 2.5 mile walk round the village of Brompton which can be done in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction

Poppies outside Thirsk by westy48 - Walks in Hambleton

History and Heritage Walks

Thirsk and Sowerby Past & Present map and instructions- A 3 mile guided walk to 15 historic sites in Thirsk and Sowerby

Bedale Heritage Trail – Explore the history of the medieval town of Bedale, via blue plaques and information panels


Parkland Walks

Beningbrough Hall Walk – A 4 mile stroll around the well surfaced paths on the estate of a large Georgian Mansion

Beningbrough Hall Gardens by Brian Hill - Walks in Hambleton

Town Walks

Thirsk and Sowerby Jubilee Walk – A number of different walks around the towns between 2.5 and 5 miles

Thirsk Health Walks – Six easy access shorter walks between 1 and 2 miles

Stokesley Jubilee Walk – A 3.75 mile circular route around Stokesley which can be broken down into smaller segments

Stokesley Health Walks – 6 short walks for health between 0.5 and 2.5 miles around Stokesley

Romanby South – A short lunchtime walk of around half an hour

Romanby East – A 1.6 mile long lunchtime walk round the East part of Romanby

Northallerton Springwell Lane – A 45 minute lunchtime walk

Northallerton Shoppers’ Special – A lunchtime walk of around an hour, exploring the shopping area of Northallerton

Northallerton 10 snicket walk – Sneak your way around the town centre in a walk that is designed to last around an hour

Northallerton Health Walks – 6 walks around Northallerton between 1.5 and 3 miles, specially designed to promote walking for good health

Northallerton County Hall Campus – Explore the area round the County Hall – should take around 45 minutes

Northallerton Castle Hills – A 35 – 40 minutes route with a little off road action, but still town centre based

Sowerby Bridge by Tim Green - Walks in Hambleton

Northallerton & Romanby Jubilee Walk – A circular route of 6 miles in total which can be broken down into smaller chunks

Great Ayton Jubilee Walk – An easy access walk of around 3.75 miles which can be managed in two parts if preferred

Easingwold Jubilee Walk – another of Hambleton Strollers’ easy access town exploration routes of around 3.25 miles in total

Easingwold Health Walks – 6 walks in the town, parks and countryside surrounding Easingwold, of between 1.5 and 3.5 miles in length.

Bedale Health Walks – 6 short walks designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle and explore the town of Bedale – all between 1 and 2 miles in length

Bedale & Askew Heritage Walk – A walk of 4.5 miles (which can be broken down into sections) exploring the outskirts of Bedale and Askew


Water Walks

Stokesley River Leven Circuit – A 3.5 mile walk starting at the site of a mill recorded in the Domesday Book

River Rye Ramble – A 3.75 mile walk around the village of Helmsley

River Leven at Stokesley by Gordon_Simpson - Walks in Hambleton

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