Stainborough Walk


We set off on a blustery overcast day for a walk round Stainborough, expecting a longish 4.75 miles. What we didn’t expect was a massively hilly route (thankfully downhill!) and a detour round Wentworth Castle gardens getting us right up to just over 6 miles. We followed this route and it wasn’t always the easiest to follow. We, of course, made loads of little mistakes, which you’ll be able to see from the map below! Don’t worry if you do, it’s one of the rules of being a casual rambler!

I’ve put the instructions below with a few little amendments and additions to help you on your way. The normal writing is the instructions, anything in [brackets] is our additions to hopefully make it easier.


1 - From the Strafford Arms Public House car park, go to Lowe Lane [left out of the car park]. Turn left and walk up the lane. Reaching Stainborough House, turn right and cross the stile near the footpath sign


[This sounds a little grander than it is - although a very nice house, it isn't a stately home - look out for white gates on the right hand side of the road. If you get to the enormous hill, you've gone too far. Be thankful you don't have to climb up it and about turn!] . Follow the path through the wood (houses on your left). Bear left in the wood. Out of the wood bear right.


2 – Go over another stile and over a field, over a stile and follow the path [there was a footpath sign handwritten on a piece of wood attached to the fence! It’s not a massive field so don’t keep looking, when you get to the field, you’re there]. Walk along the left hand side of a field up to the left hand corner following arrows [questionable arrows, but keep going until you get to a stile with a concrete track on the other side]. Go over a stile and cross the former coalary yard.

stain33 – Go over a stile and walk straight up on the field [this was fairly steep and boggy when we climbed it, fun but difficult! Turn around and check out the view – the panorama at the start of this article was taken at the top of this hill]. Reaching the sign with the arrows in the middle of the field, bear right and go straight to the end of the field [keep going until you can see a Severn Trent water treatment on your right]. Go over a stile on your left, then on your right and finally up on your left (after having passed a line of trees) up to a stile that you climb. [This was confusing - I think there were too many stiles in the instructions. Basically turn right along the 'low road' and keep walking until you get to a stile which leads on to a residential road. We walked along the top of the ridge, but ended up in the same place.]

4 – Cross the road and go straight up into into the greenery [The grassy verge in the middle of two roads]. Cross another road, and go to Creno View [Greno View!]. Bear right to the dead end “Lower and Stainborough Fold” [A private road which goes between a couple of rather nice houses]. Follow this road. Reaching farm buildings follow the path with a blue arrow sign [there are actually two blue arrow signs. Don’t go with the first option, keep walking until you walk past a couple of cottages and then you’ll see another blue arrow sign ahead].

stain45 – Go through a gate, over a stile and down into a field with a [pretty impressive] view of Thurgoland on the right, Crane Moor at the bottom of the valley, Top Pit Wood on your right hand side. [There were other footpaths on the right, ignore these! This field had about as many different colours of green as you can imagine stretching out as far as you can see in all directions] Before the bottom of the field turn left reaching a gate and cross the field diagonally to the wooden stile. [This might be one of the places we went a bit wrong. We crossed at the first stile we came to, but went diagonally across the field to the left. I think we were supposed to go across to the right. Either way, we ended up on Stainborough Lane which was the purpose of this step, so no harm done!]

6 – Once on Stainborough Lane, turn left. On your left, you can see two farms: the first Stainborough Lane Farm, and the second: Wood Nook [this section goes on for much farther than you would expect]. At the bend in the road, bear left and take the footpath going over a stile [not the bend in the road we went for first!! It is on the right hand side, further than you would think, and is marked as a bridle path. If you find yourself at the stile in the picture below, you’ve not followed the road far enough]. Go up the field for few meters along the right hand side.

7 – Over a stile on your right following the path over 2 further stiles [you need to swap sides of the fence so you walk up the field with the fence to your left].

8 – Go straight up in a field and over a stile in the right hand corner. You have now to cross Pocket Park, a playground on the right hand corner. [Basically keep walking up the hill, with the fence on you left until you get to a park, cross it and come out on to the road].


9 – Reaching Bagger Wood Road, turn right. Bear right again on Castle Drive and turn left on Stainborough Lane. [At this point, you will realise that you’ve just done two sides of a triangle when you could have just turned right in the first place!]  Turn right on Lowe Lane [the massively steep hill you were delighted not to have climbed at the start of the walk. It’s that steep that it’s actually pretty hard going climbing down it and not letting your legs run away with you.] On your right is the entrance to Wentworth Castle and Stainborough Castle Gardens.

[At this point, we took a detour round both castles, but since we had to pay to enter, we’ll put the report separately – here. It’s well worth a look around though – the gardens are amazing and there are some spectacular views!]


Continue [down the hill] to the junction with Gilroyd Lane. Bear right to the Strafford Arms car park. Enjoy a hard earned pint in the cosy pub!

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