Thrybergh Country Park

“A Walk for Health: Thrybergh Country Park, Rotherham (South Yorkshire)”



Thrybergh Country Park is a great place to go if you fancy a walk but haven’t got a lot of time. One lap is about 1 mile (and you can keep track of your progress via the ‘Steps for Health’ waymarks). This is recommended as one of the Rotherham Walks for Health (see here) and is easy access. One thing I would point out – at the moment there is a diversion in the last section of the walk due to the bad weather. This involves a fairly steep hill going down and back up again so it may not be the easiest for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

This isn’t a walk for someone looking for a lot of excitement. It is, however, a peaceful location where you can enjoy a walk around the lake. When you first see it, it doesn’t seem particularly big, but don’t be fooled. There is a big ‘dog leg’ which is revealed once you’re half way round. There are plenty of birds in this relaxing location, and benches all the way round to sit and ponder, as well as fishing posts.

There are also plenty of facilities here – a visitor centre, a cafe and toilets. The car park does charge a small amount to park.

Have a look at the photos below to get an idea of the sights you’ll see at Thrybergh Country Park.

Rotherham_Thrybergh (5) Rotherham_Thrybergh (3) Rotherham_Thrybergh (2)