Wentworth Castle and Stainborough Castle Gardens

“A Tale of Two Castles”


We found Wentworth Castle gardens on our Stainborough Walk. As we often do, we followed a rather tempting detour and found ourselves in the middle of a lovely estate with not one, but two castles! The buildings now belong to the Northern College and it must be a pretty spectacular place to study.

Disclaimer: There is a charge to enter the estate, but I think it was well worth it.

The gardens and parkland are the only Grade 1 listed landscape in South Yorkshire and are full of surprises which have been added by the various inhabitants of the estate through the years. The history is quite fascinating, stemming from a feud between two Wentworth cousins which was initially sparked by the inheritance of Wentworth Woodhouse in nearby Wentworth village. Read more about it on the castle’s website here.

We really enjoyed looking round the castle’s gardens and they are well mapped. The structured gardens were lovely – the Union Jack one (panorama above) must look spectacular from the air.  After the Stainborough walk, our legs couldn’t manage the parkland walks as well, although if we had been fresher we would have liked to explore those too.

Castle 1:


Wentworth Castle was originally Stainborough Hall and was extended by various members of the Wentworth family, starting with Thomas Wentworth who renamed it Wentworth Castle in 1731, but not before also building another castle on the grounds…

Castle 2:



This is a mock castle, built by Thomas Wentworth in the gardens of his estate between 1727 and 1731. It is said there is a watch tower for each of his children and there are spectacular views from the top of the main tower.

  • Wentworth Castle from the side Wentworth Castle from the side
  • Wentworth Castle from the front Wentworth Castle from the front
  • The Earl's Seat The Earl's Seat
  • The Earl's Seat The Earl's Seat
  • The Sun Monument The Sun Monument
  • The Stumpery The Stumpery
  • Lady Lucy's Walk Lady Lucy's Walk
  • One of the residents of the Deer Park One of the residents of the Deer Park