Wickersley Wood Walk

“Wickersley Walk: Wickersley Wood, Rotherham (South Yorkshire)”

Wickersley Walk

This Wickersley walk is one of Rotherham Council’s ‘Doorstep Walks’ and is around 2 miles long. It is our local walk, so could be termed an old classic – it’s our go to for evenings after work or when we want to get out but don’t have much time. Depending on how energetic we’re feeling, we tend to change it up by taking slight variations on the route once we get out the wood. To confuse things, we also start at stage 2 as it’s nearer our house… This is a really pleasant walk, and is where casual rambling began so why not give it a go! Map and instructions are here, our take and pictures are below.

We normally start this walk at Flash Lane and not just because it’s nearest to where we live… there’s something very relaxing about walking off a fairly busy road and pretty much straight into the countryside. However, not to confuse matters I’ll talk through the walk in order according to Rotherham Council’s Doorstep Walk leaflet.

Start on the edge of Wickersley Wood (don’t go in just yet, this is where you’re going to end) and enjoy the fancy houses on Wood Lane before walking down the back of Wickersley School to end up on the Bramley Side of Wood Lane. Turn right and walk until you come to a big bend in the road and take the path in front of you, with the church to your left.

The field that runs behind the church (the field of dreams, as we like to call it) is surprisingly peaceful bearing in mind it’s next to the M18. It is so straight and even that I reckon you could walk down it with your eyes closed and still get to the other end. That would be a shame though, as you wouldn’t be able to see over the fields that are full of corn in the summer, and snow in the winter (as above shows!).

Next stop after the field is a path between two small lakes and through a kissing gate. See if you can spot the resident heron (tip: he’s made of plastic, he’s not going anywhere!).

Once you get through the gate, you’re in another field which runs round the edge of a wood. If you fancy going off schedule there are a few detours that you can do which will get you to the same place. You can walk through the wood, or you can follow the left hand edge of the field up to the top and round the edge. There’s also a path that runs up the middle of the field and round to the edge. Whichever way you choose you are going to end up at a gate leading you along a small path which runs past Winthrop Park.

Once you’ve passed the park, turn right and go across another field, slightly up hill, to Wickersley Wood. This seems to be a well used wood and always has people milling around in it. See if you can find the swing in the middle of it, or if it’s snowing there’s a small hill which is perfect for sledging with small children. There are always plenty of dog walkers enjoying the different paths.

There are a few different ways to exit the woods. If you’re still in the mood to walk some more, turn left on Wood Lane then right on to Morthen Road and check out St Albans Church.

  • Wickersley Wood Walk - Spring Wickersley Wood Walk - Spring A rope swing in the woods is a perfect place to sit and relax half way round a casual ramble. The wood is also a great place to walk a dog.
  • Wickersley Wood Walk - Summer Wickersley Wood Walk - Summer Long shadows in the evening sun stretch into the distance. It's hard to imagine from such a rural scene that this field is right next to the M18.
  • Wickersley Wood Walk - Autumn Wickersley Wood Walk - Autumn Once the crops have been harvested, the "Field of Dreams" is open and peaceful.
  • Wickersley Wood Walk - Winter Wickersley Wood Walk - Winter The same scene as Autumn with a somewhat different colour scheme. The snow doesn't make the "Field of Dreams" any less fun to walk through.
  • Wickersley Wood Walk - Winter Wickersley Wood Walk - Winter In contrast to the spring, the wood looks rather bleak and colourless. Thick snow on top of spongy ground certainly makes for a fun walk though and there's sledging opportunities aplenty!

If you’ve done this walk, why not send us some pictures and we can add them in to the report. Email them to kim@casualramblers.co.uk



Route Map: Wickersley Wood Walk