Sheffield Winter Gardens

“This is the place to be for walks in Sheffield” Portrayed in films like ‘This is England’ and ‘The Full Monty’ as an industrial, gritty place, Sheffield is known for being the Steel City. Perhaps less well known are the variety of parks and green spaces offering ample opportunity for walking. Sheffield is surrounded by lovely countryside, woods, rivers and canals and the city’s seven hills offer the chance of great views stretching for miles across the local area. From fun lunch break walks around the city centre to more lengthy casual rambles, we’ve got a variety of different options for you to enjoy.  We’ve even got some urban casual rambles around the city centre taking in the landmarks like the City Hall, Town Hall, Winter Gardens (above) and Peace Gardens. Some of these can even be done in a lunchtime taking only half an hour. Pick a walk to do as a couple, with friends, with family or even by yourself… or if you’re feeling adventurous why not venture out in to the Peak District?

Historical Walks

Dissenters’ Paradise Walk  - A 1.5 mile walk covering the works of Sheffield’s philanthropists including Botanical Gardens and the General Cemetery.

Joseph Hunter’s Sheffield – A 1.5 mile trail around Sheffield city centre’s Georgian Buildings in honour of the city’s first historian.

Neoclassical Sheffield -A 1.2 mile walk exploring the Roman and Greek influence on Sheffield City Centre.

Sheffield “Town” Walk – Echoes of the Past – Historical 2 mile walk around the medieval streets of the city centre.

Grenoside History Walk - A 3 mile walk exploring the historical background of the village of Grenoside.

Norfolk Heritage Trail - A 2.75 mile trail from Manor Lodge to Sheffield Cathedral taking in the historical points of interest en route.


The Bear Pit at the Botanical Gardens

Urban Walks

Sheffield – A Civilised Place (walk 1) - A 2 mile exploration of the great works of civil engineering in Sheffield City Centre.

Sheffield – A Civilised Place (walk 2) - A 1.1 mile circular walk looking at the works of civil engineering round the Wicker / Riverside area of Sheffield.

City Road – Old and New with a View - There are surprises in store on this 2 mile walk nicknamed ‘Old and New with a View’ around the City Road area.

City Road – A Stroll in the Park - A 1 mile walk round the Manor Fields Park, just off City Road.

City Road – Books, Looks and Cooks - A short and practical 0.5 mile walk taking in the library and the views over the city centre.

Contemporary Architecture Walking Guide #1- this takes you on the ‘Gold Route’ between both universities and points out the modern buildings which have been built since 1998.

Contemporary Architecture Walking Guide #2 – this takes you on a route from the Wicker to Kelham Riverside and looks at the new buildings there.

Iron Age to Steel Age Walk - A 3 mile linear walk from Meadowhall to Barnsley Road taking in some of the ancient sites in the industrial landscape of Sheffield.

Parsons Cross and Longley Parks Cross Walk- A roughly two hour walk around the park areas of Longley Park and Parsons Cross Park.

High Hazels Park and 70 Acre Hill- A 2 hour walk around parks on the edge of Darnall which include greenlands, wetlands and highland cattle.

Hidden Places in Firth Park and Wincobank – A 4.8 mile walk leading round some of the hidden treasures in Wincobank and Firth Park including bluebells, an iron age fort, and a creative art project .

Sheffield Circular Walk- A 3 mile walk around the city centre taking in Weston Park and Crookes Valley Park.


Enjoy the architecture (and the scones) available in Leopold Square

Countryside Walks

Walks in the Shire Brook Valley – Four walks from 0.75 miles to 2.5 miles taking in the nature and points of interest in Shire Brook Valley.

Parsonage Farm and Townend Common Walk- a 3.5 mile walk around Parsonage Farm and the Edwen Valley (some steep hills) on part of the Steel Valley Heritage Trail.

Herdings Park Walk- This is a children-friendly 4 mile countryside walk taking a circular route from Herdings towards Ridgeway.

Wortley Forge Walk- This walk is around 5.5 miles long and follows some of the craggy landscape around the Stocksbridge area of Sheffield including Wortley Forge, a water powered iron forge.

Glen Howe Park- a 3 mile walk around Glen Howe Park and a nearby historic hamlet, as well as More Hall Reservoir.

Oughtibridge Walk- a 5 mile walk around the fields, woods and country roads surrounding Oughtibridge.

Langsett to North America- A 5 mile walk from Langsett Barn, a 17th century building, to the North America farmstead.


North America farm is on the Langsett Walk

Waterways Walks

Five Weirs Walk- A five mile walk from Sheffield City Centre to Meadowhall along the River Don and the Sheffield and Tinsley Canal.

Fulwood River Walk- A four mile round walk through the Mayfield and Porter valleys from Fulwood to Ringinglow along the river including Forge Dam.

Agden Walks - 3.5 miles around the reservoir at Agden (North West of Low Bradfield).

Dale Dike - A 2.5 mile walk around Dale Dike, to the West of Low Bradfield.

Damflask Reservoir - A circular 3.5 mile route round the third reservoir in Low Bradfield.

Redmires Reservoir - A 2.5 mile trail around Redmires, just west of Lodge Moor.

Langsett Reservoir - A 3 mile walk (or 0.5 mile easy access route) round Langsett Reservoir, just east of Stocksbridge.

More Hall Reservoir - Just South of Stocksbridge, explore this reservoir in a 3.4 mile walk

Sheffield - Agden Reservoir

Agden Water is one of six reservoirs that can be explored on Yorkshire Water’s walks

Woodland Walks

Bowden Housteds Wood Walk - This woodland forms part of a nature reserve and is crossed by a number of streams. You can see natural delights such as woodpeckers, and Jason Thomson’s Iron Giant statue which guards the edge of the woods next to the Parkway.

Roe Woods Walk a roughly 1 hour walk round the nearby ancient Roe Woods and Little Roe Woods, starting at Northern General Hospital.

Three Wood Walk at Grenoside - A walk round Greno Wood, Wheata Wood and Prior Royd as well as the village of Grenoside.

Woolley Woods Walk - a short 1.25 mile trail (which can be extended to 2 miles) around this wood in the Wincobank / Concord area of Sheffield.


Jason Thomson’s Iron Giant in Bowden Housted Woods

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