Useless Stile no. 2 – Stainborough, Barnsley

TN_Stainborough 2

Our continuing mission to seek out useless stiles continues. We have noticed more and more on our walks around Yorkshire and beyond and we just have one question. Why?!

In this fine example of a useless stile, there is no connecting fence whatsoever. In fact, the stile only took up half the path so even if there was a fence it wouldn’t join up to the stile!

From the picture, my glamorous assistant is showing how it is easy to see that one can simply walk straight round. Of course, in true Casual Ramblers style (stile?!), if it’s there you have to climb over it!


You, too, can climb this useless stile on the Stainborough Walk in Barnsley here !


 Useless Stile no. 2 – Stainborough, Barnsley