City of Leeds

Sculpture from Otley Chevin by SamSaundersLeeds

Leeds is a bustling and busy city, full of trendy boutique shops and bars. There are, however, surprising opportunities for walks in Leeds, along the canal and around the city centre. Added to that the fact that the Metropolitan Borough of Leeds also includes the towns of Farsley, Garforth, Guiseley, Horsforth, Morley, Ottley, Pudsey, Rothwell, Wetherby and Yeadon and you’re all set for a casual ramble!


Database of Walks in Leeds and the surrounding area

Park Walks

Farnley Hall – A 1.25 mile circular walk for health in the parkland surrounding Farnley Hall

Becketts Walk – A 1.7 mile walk around Leeds Met’s Headingley campus and surrounding parks

Leeds Met Field Walk – A 1.4 mile circular walk in the parkland and fields behind Leeds Met’s Headingley Campus

Roundhay Park Secret Gorge Walk – A 1.6 mile peaceful walk passing through an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Roundhay Park Upper Lake Walk- An 0.5 mile walk around the Upper Lake with wooded areas, natural water space and a host of wildlife.

Roundhay Park Lake View Walk – A 1.6 milewalk circumnavigating Waterloo Lake passing Parkland, Woods and the Dam. The main focus of the walk is the tranquil beauty of the Lake.

Formal Garden Walk – A stroll of around 1 mile around the specialist gardens of Roundhay Park.

Parkland Walk – A walk around the architectural past of the park past many of its main features including the arena. Roughly 1 mile.



Heritage Walks

Kirkstall Abbey – 0.5 mile walk for health around the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds

Wetherby Blue Plaque Trail – A walk around Wetherby town centre looking at the historical places of interest.

Garforth Historical Society Walk – A walk around Garforth town centre looking at the historical places of interest.

North Leeds Faith Trail - A visit to five different places of worship in North Leeds on a 2.5 mile walk.

Beeston Hill Faith Trail - A one mile walk taking in three different places of worship

Morley Heritage Trail – A 3 mile walk around the historical places of interest in Morley

Leeds Owl Trail - A visit to over 25 historical locations round Leeds City Centre on a hunt for owls!

Tithe Boundary Walk – Linton (Wetherby) – A 2 mile circular walk including river and woodland paths, marking the old tithe boundaries of Linton (Wetherby).

Tithe Boundary Walk – Pudsey / Tong - A 2 mile circular walk mainly through woodlands, exploring the boundary between Pudsey and Tong.

Tithe Boundary Walk – Holbeck (Beeston) - A 1.5 mile circular walk through streets and parks, marking the old tithe boundaries between Holbeck and Beeston.

Tithe Boundary Walk – Headingley / Bramley / Armley – A 4 mile walk exploring the tithe boundaries of the towns of Headingley-cum-Burley, Armley and Bramley.

Tithe Boundary Walk – Calverley / Horsforth / Rawdon – A 3.5 mile walk along river and wooded paths, along the boundaries of Calverley, Horsforth and Rawdon.



Urban Walks

Leeds City Circular – A 5 mile circular walk around Leeds Civic Hall and canal

Arcade Walk – A pleasant 1.2 mile circular walk around the shopping arcades in Leeds City Centre

City Centre Walk – A 1.8 mile circular route around Leeds’ civic centre

Cultural Centre – A 1.2 mile circular trail around the cultural quarter in Leeds city centre

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm – A 1 mile walk for health through the Meanwood Valley Urban Farm



Countryside Walks

Golden Acre and Breary Marsh – A 5 mile walk including rolling countryside and Botanical Gardens with an exotic past, to the North of Leeds.

Otley Chevin and Danefield - A 3.5 mile circular walk from the centre of Otley, exploring the Chevin and surrounding woods and countryside.

Calverley Circular – A 3.5 mile walk in the countryside surrounding Calverley

Horsforth Circular - A 2.5 mile walk around the fields and farmload around the area of Horsforth

Otley Chevin Caley Crags – A 2 mile walk  up to and around Caley Crags

Rawdon Billing – A 2 mile challenging and exposed walk round fields, woodland and disused quarry land

Surprise View – A 3 mile walk across the Wharfe Valley with fantastic views of Otley Chevin and an awesome panorama of the surrounding countryside

Bardsey and Pompocali – A 3.5 mile walk from the village of Bardsey, North of Leeds, with rolling landscapes and Roman echoes



Waterside Walks

Leeds Waterfront Heritage Trail – A 4 mile walk starting at Kirkstall Abbey and following the canal into Leeds City Centre.

River and Canal from Rodley - A pleasant 4 mile walk along the River Aire and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, showing the rural face of Leeds.

Wetherby and the River Wharfe – A 3.5 mile walk around the market town of Wetherby and along a mature stretch of the River Wharfe.

River Aire Trail - A 1.8 mile circular walk along the banks of the River Aire in Leeds City Centre

Bramley Fall – A 1 mile walk for health along the canal

Roundhay Park Upper Lake Walk – A 0.5 mile walk which circumnavigates the Upper Lake with wooded areas, natural water space and a host of wildlife.

Roundhay Park Lake View Walk – A 1.6 milewalk circumnavigating Waterloo Lake passing Parkland, Woods and the Dam. The main focus of the walk is the tranquil beauty of the Lake.

Leeds Wharfe

Woodland Walks

The Airebrorough Greenway – A 1 mile walk linking the areas of Yeadon and Guiseley, through wooded cuttings.

Chevin Forest Park Geology Trail – An interesting walk of just under 2 miles exploring the geology of the area, but steeply sloping in places with uneven footing.



Long Distance Walks

The Meanwood Valley Trail - A 7 mile linear walk from Woodhouse Moor, close to the University of Leeds, through Headingley, Meanwood and Adel to Breary Marsh, Golden Acre Park, where it meets the Leeds Country Way. It can be split down into four smaller, more casual sections:

  • Section 1 – Woodhouse Moor to Meanwood Beck
  • Section 2 – Meanwood Park to the Outer Ring Road
  • Section 3 - Ring Road to Stairfoot Lane
  • Section 4 – Stairfoot Lane to Golden Acre Park

The Leeds Country Way – a circular long-distance footpath of 62 miles around Leeds.. It is never more than 7 miles from Leeds City Square, but is mainly rural with extensive views in the outlying areas of the Leeds metropolitan district. It is split into a number of smaller linear sections:


  • Part One
  • Section 1: Golden Acre Park to Lofthouse Lodge (5 miles
  • Section 2: Lofthouse Lodge to Scarcroft Hill (5 miles)
  • Section 3: Scarcroft Hill to Barwick-in-Elmet (4 miles)
  • Part Two
  • Section 1: Barwick-in-Elmet to Garforth (5 miles)
  • Section 2: Garforth to the River Aire (5 miles)
  • Section 3: River Aire to Carlton (6 miles)
  • Part Three
  • Section 1: Carlton to East Ardsley (5 miles)
  • Section 2: East Ardsley to Scotchman Lane (5 miles)
  • Section 3: Scotchman Lane to Cockersdale (4 miles)
  •  Part Four
  • Section 1: Cockersdale to Thornbury (5 miles)
  • Section 2: Thornbury to A65 nr Rawdon (5 miles)
  • Section 3: A65 nr Rawdon to Golden Acre Park (5 miles)


Thank you to the following websites and organisations for the walks in this section: